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The Alpine Clif and Cave Rescue
Notes on the history of CNSAS magazines: Bulletin; CaveRescue; News from CNSAS; Mountain Rescue Cave Rescue The first journal of the Alpine Cliff Rescue (formerly National Alpine Rescue Corps) was the Bulletin, whose first issue was published in 1972, printed in black & white in Trieste. The Bulletin basically reported caving groups activities. 14 numbers were printed, the last in 1989 that included reports from the years 1987 - 88. Format 17x24 cm, annually issued, in black and white except for the last three editions with the first and last cover page printed in color. Temporary Owner was Luciano Benedetti, Managing director Angelo Zorn, National Coordinator of the Cave Delegation Sergio Macciò. The Bulletin No. 2 of 1973 declared, with the signature of Pino Guidi: "It has been released the first issue of the Cave Delegation Bulletin of which the Second Group has taken financial and organizational responsibility". In 1990 was published the issue No. 1 of N.S. Cave Rescue from the will of the Head of the National Cave Rescue Gianpaolo Bianucci and of the National CNSAS President Franco Garda. Managing director was appointed Alessio Fabbricatore. The publication of Cave Rescue issues took place every six months and it was printed in Gorizia, in black & white with the first and last page in color, tabloid size 28X41 cm. The numbers four and six came with an insert of the Cave Rescue Medical Commission, the insert of number 7 was devoted to Cave accidents from 1981 to 1990. The latest issue of Cave Rescue, number 9, came out in December 1994. Until 1994, the periodical press of C.N.S.A.S. was dedicated to cave rescue issues only. While the Bulletin reported only cave rescue activities, Cave Rescue was dealing with issues affecting the whole body of the whole Mountain and Cave Rescue. The time had therefore come for a periodical publication dedicated to all the CNSAS volunteers. In July 1995 came the first issue of News from the National Alpine and Cave Rescue Corps. National President of C.N.S.A.S. was Armando Poli and Head of the National Cave Rescue was Paolo Verico. In the editorial of issue News N. 1, the National President of the CNSAS wrote: "Why News from the National Alpine and Cave Rescue Corps? Quite simply because I think, I am convinced, and with me, the National Council, which proposed the project and the assembly of delegates who had approved it, which is a right of every CNSAS volunteer to be informed, and therefore a duty of the direction to provide it." The confirmed managing director Alessio Fabbricatore wrote, on the same issue No. 1 of News: "Dear friends, the National Alpine and Cave Rescue Corps (CNSAS) had decided that the magazine Cave Rescue can no longer remain an editorial asset of the cave rescue branch only but of the whole CNSAS". News from the National Alpine and Cave Rescue Corps became quarterly, was printed in Gorizia, in black & white, 31.5 X 47 cm in size. From Issue N. 3, December 1995, it was individually shipped to the residence of all the CNSAS volunteers. The first change happened in 1999,: from N. 12 in April 1999 until N. 17 in December 2000, the first, last and the two middle pages were printed with the addition of one color. The first radical change had been registered with N. 18 in May 2001: the new format 21X29,6 cm with first and last cover and some interior pages printed in color. From N. 28 of March 2004, released to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the foundation of the Alpine Rescue organization, the magazine is printed in full color. In 2005 was published the last issue of 'Yearbook 2004’, whose contents will be integrated in the News from the National Alpine and Cave Rescue Corps . Pier Giorgio Baldracco National President, Chief of the National Cavel Rescue Corrado Camerini. N.35 of July 2006 represents a turning point, strongly supported by the National President Pier Giorgio Baldracco: the magazine becomes the current Mountain Rescue Cave Rescue. At the same time the editorial bureau is implemented first by Elio Guastalli and later with Ruggero Bissetta and Giulio Frangioni. Today, the Mountain Rescue Cave Rescue is available online. the Director responsible Mountain Rescue SpeleoSoccorso Alessio Fabbricatore
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